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Ransomware Is Getting Worse

Ransomware is an increasingly prevalent threat. It affected nearly half of businesses in 2016 and is considered one of the top digital dangers to large companies this year; it has replaced advanced persistent threat (APT) network attacks as the most problematic cyber...

What Things is Big Data Helping Us Predict Now?

Even if you’re not aware of it, big data predicts things about your life; practically every minute of your day. The same way Amazon predicts what you might want to shop, Netflix what you might want to see and who you might want to date.

Adopting the Cloud: Experience Required

The cloud computing field continues to emerge at a rapid pace as cloud users and cloud providers mature with time. In fact, market analysis from Cisco reveals that the adoption rate of cloud computing is increasing.

What Can We Do When Cloud Storage Becomes a Target For Hackers

More businesses are storing their data in the cloud and this means newly opened possibilities. It also means hackers have new opportunities to steal people’s financial and personal information. Thus, it is crucial that we give our customers the security that their information is safe.

Opportunities In Big Data

Big data has been in the picture since the late 1990’s. Since then, many businesses have recognized its competitive potential. The thing is, that recognizing its assets is easier than to accomplish them.

IT Threats Increase Q3 2016

Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Dropping Elephant In order for targeted attack campaigns to be successful technical advancements are not a must. In July 2016 a group was reported for targeting high profile diplomatic and economic organizations linked to China’s...

7 Ways Electronic Voting Systems Can Be Attacked

With the US general election around the corner and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump openly warning everyone that this election will be “rigged”, it’s worth it to explore various ways in which electronic voting systems can potentially be exploited.

From the Server Room to the Boardroom

How can IT professionals balance business goals and information security? In order to create effective cyber-security strategies, IT leaders need to be integrated into the decision-making process.