Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We transform data in to actionable information. We do so by:


  • Understanding how you make money and the key performance indicators (KPI) within your business
  • Helping you clarify the questions that need to be answered and making recommendations for new questions that haven’t been considered
  • Capturing and consolidating data from across the business including legacy databases, machinery, sensors, and personnel
  • Leveraging the latest technologies to create easy to understand, visually stimulating, and actionable dashboards that can be securely accessed from any device

Data governance strategy including ETL improvements and data warehouse roadmaps.

Manual and automated data cleansing including 100% US based onshore, near-shore, and dual-shore models available

Mobile Application development (Android and iOS) allows your stakeholders to access the information on the go

Advisory on best-in-class analytics tools — if the right tool is not commercially available, our experts will build you a custom solution

Machine Learning helps answer questions you didn’t know to ask

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