DevOps Maturity Assessment

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We document SDLC pain points and drive efficiency via DevOps

Integrating software development and operations management teams to deliver faster and better code – that’s what DevOps is all about. Many enterprises are constantly wasting budget and time on using old engineering and operations practices, resulting in more expensive code deliveries that take longer to happen.

DevOps Maturity Assessment

DevOps Maturity Assessment

In order to respond to this enterprise challenge, we work diligently to rapidly understand DevOps pain points and provide advice on prioritizing improvements based on your goals. Our assessment is the first step in improving your DevOps ROI and speed-to-value and consists of the following phases:

  • Evaluate current software development processes
  • Evaluate software testing & QA processes
  • Evaluate current operations management processes
  • Evaluate current change management processes

Once the assessment is complete, we will present a report containing prioritized improvements and next steps based on your company’s goals. The level of detail present in the improvements will be sufficient for you to execute them either internally or with our expert support.

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