Hybrid Cloud

We understand the challenges of enterprises when adopting cloud alternatives to traditional infrastructure approaches. For clients with legacy systems and complex needs, Hybrid Clouds are a cost-effective and fast solution to leverage the benefits from cloud computing while being able to integrate the cloud with legacy and on premises IT resources through a phased cloud adoption program. Some common applications of Hybrid Cloud solutions are:

Cloud Integration

Integrate legacy and on-premise systems with cloud services & apps – we help you integrate your systems running in Public and Private Clouds into a unified, highly secure and scalable infrastructure environment.

 IaaS Self Service


Enable self-service IaaS across the enterprise – free your IT team from infrastructure management activities by leveraging an integrated IaaS self service portal where non-IT teams can automatically provision & use infrastructure resources hosted in your Hybrid Cloud.

Cost Optimization

Reduce Cost of Ownership of IT resources – reduce DataCenter equipment & staff investments by levering the scalability of public clouds without reducing security & reliability of your enterprise. We’ll guide you on adopting the cloud to significantly improve IT efficiency with an emphasis on cost reduction while maintaining regulatory compliance.

No Vendor Lock-In

Terminte vendor lock-in for Infrastructure as a service partners – moving from one cloud service provider to the other may be no easy task. With our Hybrid Cloud solutions you will have a standardized set of images and workloads that can easily be transferred from one partner to the other. In fact you could also use multiple cloud partners simultaneously in a fully integrated with your Hybrid Cloud fashion.

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