Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our VDI solutions offer great value perceived from the first month of project implementation. From cost reduction to security enchancements, our VDI solutions will take your IT infrastructure to the next level.

Rollout Cloud VDI (DaaS)

Enable Desktop as a Service for your enterprise by counting on Advoqt’s team to guide you. DaaS will dramatically reduce IT costs and increase speed by freeing your IT teams from having to worry about the VDI background technology such as as load balancing, storage, backup, redundancy, networking and so on.

Rollout On-Premises VDI

For enterprises that choose a Private Cloud approach, On Premises VDI solutions provide a secure and isolated alternative to enable automated desktop virtualization. We will help you with technology and integrations delivery as well as trainings and a migration strategy that is fast, hassle-free and cost-effective.

Design & Implement VDI Architecture

We will work with your team on from design to delivery of the most suitable VDI solution for your enterprise. We will consider the whole picture – risk management, regulatory compliance, business rules, user requirements – while providing expert guidance and support.

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