Increase Sales by 300% with a Dedicated Internal Catalog for your Salesforce and Distributor Network


Memento is a subscription-based mobile product catalog for the biotechnology industry. It allows you to create specific portfolios of products for each distributor and to organize your entire product book by platform, distributor, product line and other markers. This allows both your distributors and your salesforce to gain a better understanding of the entire cross-section of your product book.

Memento has demonstrated a 300% increase in sales for our clients. The tool not only trains your sales people on your portfolio, but it also keeps them UPDATED and SELLING as you release new products. Industry leaders such as ZeptoMetrix, Medical Research Networx (MRN), and other distributors are using the platform today!

Multiple Distributor Support

The catalog supports separate subcatalogs for multiple distributors at the same time using separate login information.

A Training Tool For Your Salesforce

Your salesforce may have a hard time wrapping their head around the entire vastness of your product book. Memento is designed to help them achieve a faster grasp on your product offerings and related products.


Managed Distributor Relationships

One of the challenges of working with distributors is organizing their visibility into your product book. Memento allows you to create separate user accounts for all of your distributors’ staff and manage their product book separately from others.

Higher Upsells

Your salesforce will be enabled to sell additional products alongside their existing pipeline after being armed with knowledge of complementary product lines.

All Products Under One Roof

Memento is designed to contain all product lines from your product book, cross-sectioned under platforms and other markers. Your entire product book is conveniently presented for use in a sales transaction.

Fast Management

Uploading and associating all product data can be done via upload or by connecting the catalog to an existing product book management system. No one-by-one manual entry is required.

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