Automate PromoStandards Implementation with PromoXchange

What is PromoXchange?

PromoXchange is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that streamlines data exchange between Suppliers and Distributors in the Promotional Products Industry. PromoXchange accelerates compliance and does away with complex software development projects by fully automating the implementation of promotional standards. Save time and money with Advoqt’s simple solution.

Why PromoXchange?

Historically, suppliers aiming to adopt promotional standards needed to first download the PromoStandards specifications and then have a dedicated development team plan and execute the implementation.

PromoXchange empowers suppliers to:

Automate the implementation process

Cut software development costs

Scale their business

Value Proposition

PromoXchange is a SaaS-based cloud service that establishes a communication channel that automates the creation of service endpoints, acting as an API interface with retailers.

Reduces time of PromoStandards implementation

Customizable user management feature (allows multiple tenants and multiple administrators)

Customizable security policies (allows companies to set max requests per time limit)

Visibility into services usage (analytics)

The PromoStandards communication channel is hosted on the cloud.  Advoqt will offer cloud security and maintenance of the service endpoints.

Customer Testimonial

Advoqt was an outstanding partner in helping us conform to PromoStandards. It was not feasible for us to manage this project with in-house resources. Advoqt’s approach was simple, straightforward and saved us considerable time and expense. This will lead to increased sales and an improved user experience for our customers!

Jeison Ortega
IT Director, Charles River Apparel

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