Get ahead of breaches with Advoqt’s team
of Applied Data Science and Cybersecurity experts 

Design, Implement and Manage Security Programs

Getting breached has become a real-life problem, such as getting robbed in the streets.

And its consequences to your business can be devastating: loss of clients and monetary loss.

Your trusted Cybersecurity partner 


Advoqt Cybersecurity helps businesses assess their resilience and then design, implement and manage security programs that withstand modern-day threats realistically. We are unique because our services range goes from the development of end-to-end security roadmaps to the technical delivery of the solutions that we recommend. 


Our team consistently exceeds customer expectations through customized and cost-effective programs.


Penetration Testing

Simulated cyber-attacks to assess your resilience. 

Cloud Security

Architectures that allow secure migration of workloads.


Identity Management

Privileged credentials protection, role-based access control, and API management for cloud services. 


Threat Analytics

Data modeling to create customized security dashboards and alerts for your organization. 


Asset Management

Comprehensive inventories by detecting assets in your environment (on-premise and in the cloud).

“Advoqt’s technologists are extremely strong, mathematically-minded people. They have very good human skills and understood our needs at the business requirement level vs. tech level at a very early stage. They asked the right kinds of questions and made recommendations that drove our project’s success which solved real business challenges.”

John Lara

Chief Information Officer, The Nexxus Group

What we've learned from the evolving security landscape

Certain things are only learned in the day to day work experience