Aqcess – Identity and Access Management
Powered by Machine Learning

Identity and Access Management is often hard — it doesn’t have to be. Aqcess is a next-generation Identity Analytics Engine that makes it easy to enhance your existing governance program as well as maximize prior investments into Identity Management software. We integrate with industry leaders such as SailPoint and ServiceNow or can function as a standalone auditing tool.

Aqcess leverages data classification algorithms to analyze entitlements and automatically identify users that are provisioned for rights they should not have. It tells you why the entitlement was flagged and provides a risk score. You then decide to approve or deny. The software learns from your decisions and continuously improves accuracy — eventually, it’s able to take over low-risk approval workflows end-to-end.

A roadmap for successful implementation of Identity and Access Management

 The tool can be deployed within a day as part of an auditing program and the analysis takes seconds. It can also be configured in-line as part of the user provisioning process to prevent errors.

Identity Access Management
Faster Audits, Better Compliance

Move past the “rubber stamp” process that is now Identity and Access Management. Our technology will automate 90% of the work and leave you with a manageable list of users and entitlements that deserve a closer look.

Identity Access Management
Process Automation

Accelerate operations and save money. Aqcess will cut the time users wait for new privileges without sacrificing security. Give managers time back in their day.

Identity Access Management
Reduce Risk

Enable proactive security by analyzing entitlements as they are created. Quickly identify users who left the company or changed roles yet old entitlements remain active.

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