Build a Better Business with Artificial Intelligence

Harness Advoqt’s Intelleqt™ to increase efficiency, profits, and scalability.

The prevalence of cloud, data, and machine processing capabilities combined with developments in software, mobile technologies and human expectations have driven the need to analyze, process, and leverage more data than is reasonably possible by humans. In response, companies are tapping into the power of Artificial Intelligence to develop, improve, and scale their business.

Intelleqt is Advoqt’s unique approach to AI. Intelleqt focuses on the parts of your business processes that typically require human interaction, from sales optimization to interfacing with subject matter experts. AI is intelligent automation that can fill the open needs where you lack the human resources to fulfill.

Intelleqt is the combination of intelligent experience, deep industry knowledge, and powerful software. Flexible, adaptable, and scalable, our clients employ Intelleqt computer algorithms to accomplish human tasks.

Intelleqt can automate numerous repetitive human tasks using:

  • Machine Learning (consuming massive amounts of historical data and applying it to new problems)
  • Natural language processing (holding a conversation with humans)
  • Optical character recognition (reading handwriting or scanned documents)
  • Software robots that can automate redundant business functions
  • Custom intelligence algorithms that are suited for your particular business process

Intelleqt can solve considerable business challenges by:

  • Identifying visual or language-based cues to drive customer engagement
  • Processing and analyzing massive amounts of financial and transactional data in real time
  • Driving decision making at every level of an organization through company-wide intelligent dashboards that pull data from virtually anywhere
  • Delivering business recommendations and predictions (like sales analytics or hardware usage and repair)
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