Asset Management

Do you know all about your technology assets? What they are? Where they are?

We ask this question during our first client visit, regardless of why we are there. The answer is usually a resounding “no”. To board members this is a shocking surprise, however, the difficulty of Asset Management is common knowledge among IT professionals. Most companies don’t know what they own. They don’t know what all their servers are or what they are for. They don’t know what applications live in those servers. They don’t know where all the data is located. And they don’t know why there is traffic going from here to there, much less the relationship among all the assets.

How can you protect what you don’t know you own?

Asset Management is the foundation for all Cybersecurity

Advoqt creates comprehensive inventories by detecting all assets in your environment (on-premise and in the cloud), compare our findings to your existing inventory and update it as necessary, and then we set up automated processes to ensure your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) remains up to date, dynamically.

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