3 reasons why your business needs a Cybersecurity Partner

Jan 27, 2020 | Blog

In today’s age, one in every two small businesses is experiencing cybersecurity problems. And only 30% of such businesses provide any sort of employee training to troubleshoot such problems. Such complex cyberattacks can be devastating for growing, small companies. Keeping such instances in mind, one must recognize the need to find the right cybersecurity technology partner.

Here is why your business needs a holistic cybersecurity partner!

1. Up-to-date with industry trends and standards

Associating with a partner who provides a holistic technical solution allows companies to be of on the top of the latest cybersecurity best practices and standards prevalent in the industry, which the company may otherwise easily miss out on. Such partners also bring to the table innovation and experience from working with clientele across industries

cybersecurity partner

2. Multifaceted cybersecurity partners guard your data/discrepancies better

Businesses today are at least partially, if not wholly developed on the cloud. This opens up flexibility, but also increases the business’s exposure to malwares, DDoS attacks, phishing and ransomware. With a partner proficient in the above mentioned skills, especially cloud migration, your company can be assured of full-time data security monitoring, data encryption and more efficient disaster-recovery response.

3. Focus on security by design

Lastly, in times when businesses are bulging with sensitive customer data, it is imperative for customers to associate with able cybersecurity consultants and build security into all their databases from day one, allowing for effective database security. As the old adage goes, one can build the strongest castle around the throne, but the effort is rendered useless if one leaves the gates weak.

In the words of Jack Bienko at Small Business Administration, ‘There are two types of small businesses. One that’s been breached and one who doesn’t know it’s been breached.’ And for your business, associating with an able technology partner might serve to be a prevention better than finding a cure later.

For more information on associations with holistic technological partners, contact us!

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