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During your comprehensive, 2-week, up to 80-hour engagement, you will get:

Requirements gathering and analysis
Development and installation
Initial training and 50 pre-loaded questions
Integration with one third party system for data gathering
Full deployment
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A chatbot is artificial intelligence software that can be programmed to provide a response based on an input; this input can be via text on a computer, phone, text message, or via voice. When the input is received, the chatbot analyzes the input and within fractions of a second provides a response.

Many companies are taking advantage of the power of chatbots to enhance their go-to-market sales strategy

Advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies such as natural language processing have strengthened the value proposition of these important software robots. They are a proven means to increase engagement across any channel, including your website, mobile app, social media, and/or internal messaging systems such as Skype, Slack, among others.

Advoqt’s AgentQ chatbot platform has been developed with proprietary technology combined with industry leading tools such as IBM Watson and the Microsoft Bot Framework. Unlike legacy chatbot technology that provides a static response to inquiries, AgentQ incorporates machine learning into the mix. Our chatbot learns from the questions asked and over time, incorporates those intelligent responses to continuously improve accuracy.

Most social interactions amongst people revolve around a finite set of topics. The same is true for interactions between consumers and businesses. Our chatbot platform provides human-like experiences for your stakeholders helping you lower the cost of responding to common queries and thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to augment your business by:

  • Driving sales activity at lower costs
  • Increasing the speed of customer service and expanding the ways in which customers engage you
  • Resolving issues faster via automation
  • Increasing your capacity to scale
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