Cloud Security

We give you peace of mind by configuring your AWS or Azure environment for maximum control and security.

Advoqt’s team of ethical hackers and cloud security architects have completed dozens of cloud security engagements. We come in during early stages of cloud migration planning to execute Cloud Security Roadmaps and give stakeholders actionable recommendations to safeguard data. We also conduct security assessments on production systems.

Cloud Security Roadmap

Analyze existing security policies and recommend changes to ensure equal controls remain within a Public Cloud environment

Customized and completed Cloud Security Matrix (Cloud Security Alliance) based on client’s unique regulatory needs and business priorities

Analyze existing systems and identify the business and architectural impact of cloud adoption, on an app by app basis

Construct a sample IaaS and PaaS environment that adheres to new cloud security policy and serves as a reference architecture for cloud migrations

Applications that were designed for on-premise are frequently at risk when migrated to the cloud and performance is not optimal. Beyond that, a lack of experience in cloud security architecture leads to poor access control, non-compliance with regulations, and data that is left exposed to the public internet. Introduce multi-tenancy (a key benefit of public cloud) and security gets particularly complicated.