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Why this… Why now

Cybersecurity threats are growing at a heightened pace in both number and magnitude making this highest growth market globally
As the numerous major breaches have illustrated, companies are failing to meet this challenge and are relying more on outside resources help mitigate and manage risk

The following approach will enable companies to become aware of their current breach environments, make investments and strategic decisions based industry validated frameworks and train their teams to defend and respond to potential threats in the future
Every company – small and large needs to understand where their vulnerabilities are and how best to mitigate risk
Many of these failures are because of a lack of skilled talent to fill immediate needs on corporate security teams

The CyberWarrior Academy Solution

Upskill your team to perform at current and relevant levels

 CWA Corporate Training provides technical and non technical training focusing on strategy and execution of cybersecurity competencies critical to protect organizations from top to bottom   

The CyberWarrior Road Map – Strategy

Non-TechnicaI – A101 
Executive Education:

Cybersecurity and your Business

Executive Education (A101) 



Program Components
  • Impact of Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Managing Risk
  • 30 Day Plan
  • 30 Day Reconnect
Additional Reinforcement
  • Online Resources
  • Access to UMASS Lowell resources
  • Community of Practice
Impact of Cybersecuirty

Case studies of Cybersecurity incidents at businesses of all sizes including organizational impact short-term, how they responded to those incidents, and lasting changes at the organization as a result of a breach.


Regulatory Compliance

Financial and organizational impact of information security including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FERPA, CMR-201

Managing Risk

Develop high-level of how to implement programs to mitigate these risks for both traditional and cloud-based environments Organizational structure and roles/responsibilities for risk management Cybersecurity insurance to protect against the inevitable

Non-Technical – A201
Employee Awareness Training:

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Security Awareness program (A201)


All employees – delivered as part of new hire training and also ongoing training online.

Program Components

Nontechnical users training modules

Additional Reinforcement

Simulated phishing attacks and other ongoing validation. Employees will know the company is testing them and will have higher vigilance.

    Core Training Modules
    • You Are the Shield
    • Social Engineering
    • Malware
    • Email and Phishing
    • Passwords
    • Targeted Attacks
    • Social Networks
    • Mobile Devices
    • Browsing Safely
    • Data Security
    • Hacked
    Awareness Training Modules
    • Encryption
    • Working Remotely
    • Insider Threat
    • Help Desk
    • Information Technology Staff (IT Staff)
    • Physical Security
    • Cloud Services
    • International Travel
    • Creating a Cyber Secure Home
    • Protecting Your Kids Online
    • Senior Leadership
    • New Employee

    The CyberWarrior Road Map – Execution

    Technical – B101
    What you need to know:

    Technical Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Certified Secure Computer User (B101)


    All technical/IT employees

    Program Components

    Technical baseline of security – “It takes a village”

    What participants gain…

    1.Secure different operating systems

    2.Back up data and perform disaster recovery

    3.Safeguard their mobile devices from various attacks

    4.Become familiar with social engineering and identity theft attacks

    5.Install and Configure antiviruses

    6.Understand various security incidents

    7.Understand to secure their cloud accounts

    8.Understand the various security issues on social networking sites

    CSCU Modules…

    1.Introduction to Security

    2.Securing Operating Systems

    3.Malware and Antivirus

    4.Internet Security

    5.Security on Social Networking Sites

    6.Securing Email Communications

    7.Securing Mobile Devices

    8.Securing The Cloud

    9.Securing Network Connections

    10.Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Technical – B201
    Developing your strategy:

    NIST Framework & Cybersecurity Strategy

    NIST Framework & Cybersecurity (B201)


    Cybersecurity Managers

    Program Components

    NIST Framework

    Content & Delivery

    Customized based on company needs and requirements 

    Technical – B301
    Equipping your team:

    CyberWarrior Technical Enablement

    Equipping your team (B301)      


    Technical employees with responsibility for Cybersecurity

    Program Components

    Labs & Hands-on Practice

    1. Firewall Configuration and IDPS 
    2. Malware Analysis and Incident Response
    3.  Packet Analysis
    4. Security Automation 
    5. Security Monitoring 
    6. Vulnerability Management 


    Career Hacks

    1. Critical Thinking
    2. Communication
    3. Presentation




    Certified Network Defender


    Certified Ethical Hacker


    Cyberwarrior Academy Certified

    Additional Reinforcement


    Access to subject matter experts

    DITN networking event with alumni


    Role / Real Play

    Hands On Labs

    In person 

    Virtual Live online


    The CyberWarrior Academy Difference

    We meet you where you are.
    CyberWarrior Academy offers training in person and in virtual classrooms to accomodate professionals near and far.  We also are happy to deliver training at your location.
    The training is hands-on and the content is relevant.
    Our training goes beyond theory and focuses on equipping participants with the tools, strategies, and technical experience to solve the most critical issues facing companies today.
    Our participants develop strong engagement skills.
    CyberWarrior Academy recognizes that to be a top performer, participants must learn how to be influencers who drive change and possess strong communication skills.
    Our instructors are seasoned cybersecurity professionals.
    CyberWarrior Academy instructors practice what they preach.  They leverage the insights from their cybersecurity consulting engagements to ensure students know how to solve the most critical security issues affecting companies today.


    Employee Upskilling

    Companies identify employees that would benefit from training and development to provide ongoing value to the team


    Send current team to attend any one of CWA cybersecurity modules and/or certification programs (Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Network Defender)  


    • Enhance the skills of your team
    • Receive current and relevant certifications

    Development Programs

    • Companies can identify employees that would benefit from training and development and provide ongoing value to the team

    INVESTMENT:   $2,200 per module – 2 weeks part time evenings and weekend


    Sponsor a seat enabling a student in financial need to attend the program. Sponsorship covers cost of tuition and weekly living expense stipend


    Candidate Scholarship


    • Sponsor a student
    • Have access to class up front
    • Engage with students for the duration of the program


    • CWA recruits candidates with a range of 3-5 years of IT experience
    • Candidates will have passed a technical, cognitive, and behavioral assessment prior to acceptance
    • Candidates complete the full or part time CyberWarrior Program graduating with two nationally recognized certification programs from EC Council and a certificate of completion from CyberWarrior Academy. Additional professional development skills needed to engage and grow with your team are provided
    • Student investment of $5,000
    • Students in need will receive an Educational Stipend if attending full time
    • Your organization will hire candidate upon graduation for a 12-month paid apprenticeship
    • CWA provides internship coaching and support

    INVESTMENT:   $10,000 + Internship


    Cpmpanies can leverage various state incentives and provide opportunities for candidates via “Apprenticeships”




    Your company will identify and contract with candidates from current class to join your firm upon completion of the program as an apprentice for a 12-month period.  Upon completion of the apprenticeship employer agrees to hire candidate permanently.  Contact CWA for State Tax and other candidate incentives


    • Apprenticeships are a way to evaluate a candidates skills, and cultural “fit” into your team
    • Cost Effective – They are specifically cost-effective, because people are making a contribution to the workplace while they are learning
    • While you are expected to pay your apprentices’ wages, funding is available to cover many other training costs and salary is paid at a percentage of full year salary expectation
    • Finally, a company that is willing to invest in people by supporting apprenticeships is showing a positive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is good for attracting both customers and future high-quality staff

    INVESTMENT:  Paid Apprenticeships 


    Engage in a Mentorship relationship providing guidance, assistance and encouragement as students work through the rigors of the program and beyond

    Subject Matter Expert

    One key differentiator of the CWA program is the opportunity to hear from Subject Matter Experts on the “real world” application of what they are learning in the classroom.  We invite companies to partake in 1-2 hour discussions that occur on a weekly basis bases.

    • “The best way to learn is to teach” – engaging with students enables the SME to share knowledge and expertise
    • “Paying it Forward” – we all remember those moments when we learned something from someone that changed our life’s trajectory
    • Being in the room gives companies the opportunity to engage and evaluate potential future talent


    Participate in one of our montly virtual one hour sessions on topics related to program modules.  Sessions are open to both participants and the general public 


    CWA will match mentor/coaches for students in need of additional support.  The goal is to engage on a weekly basis for up to one hour while in the program and continue the relationship at minimum once a month once the student graduates.  Commitment 1 year.

    Experience Required:

    • Good listening skills
    • Ability to help someone work through challenges and opportunities
    • Availability of time commitment
    • Commitment to stay with a student once matching has been made
    • Available to attend an initial Mentor/Tutor session prior to the first class


    CW will match mentor/coaches for students in need of additional support.  The goal is to engage on a weekly basis for up to one hour while in the program and continue the relationship at minimum once a month once the student graduates.  Commitment 1 year.

    Experience Required:

    • Good listening skills
    • Ability to help someone work through challenges and opportunities
    • Availability of time commitment
    • Commitment to stay with a student once matching has been made
    • Available to attend an initial Mentor/Tutor session prior to the first class

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    If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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