The World is a Digital Battlefield

Hacks, breaches, and cybersecurity failures are happening at an alarming rate. Keep threats away with Proteqt™, Advoqt’s suite of automated cybersecurity tools.

Apply Machine Learning to Data Security Analytics

Most companies already have thousands of audit logs from different technologies. The challenge is to make sense of that data. Advoqt can analyze your data and present you with cybersecurity related insights that can be automated to create customized dashboards and alerts for your organization. We not only follow your lead to find what you are looking for, but we also offer you our cybersecurity expertise and world-class threat intelligence resources to tell you what else you can find in your data.

Asset Discovery and Inventory Management

Using our data analytic techniques, we collect logs or actively probe your networks to generate a dynamic inventory of all your network assets. This dynamic inventory can be compared with you current asset database to identify devices that are no longer active in your network or add new unknown devices. Additionally, via Machine Learning techniques, we can automatically detect the location of your assets so you can maintain a comprehensive database and discover unknown or forgotten active devices.

User Behavior Analytics

Leverage our Machine Learning expertise to identify abnormal and potentially malicious user behaviors. We collect and analyze audit logs then create a baseline of normal behavioral patterns. We can compare it real-time with the user’s current behavior to identify inside threats even before they happen.

Cybersecurity Dashboards

One of the top challenges for your cybersecurity team is to have a complete, but simplified view of the current cybersecurity status of your organization in order to formulate a fast response to a security incident. We gather key risk indicators and present them in a simple and easy-to-read dashboard. This provides senior executives with insightful visibility to make key decisions that protect your business. We help you build this dashboard by first understanding your requirements and offering our cyber security and data analytics expertise to make it happen.

Incident Response Automation

By using your own cybersecurity data and alerts, we can help you create customized automated processes to either open request tickets, alert the right team, execute commands on servers or network devices, among others. We connect these automation processes with a machine learning algorithm capable of learning from the actions previously taken by your security team and then provide recommendations that can be implemented into solutions in the future. This will significantly reduce the time it takes your team to respond to incidents.

Advanced Threat Detection

Most advanced cybersecurity threats will find a way to persist in your system by creating entries in the windows registry, creating automated tasks, creating services, etc. We can implement a solution to detect these threats and create a centralized repository that can be used to detect any persistent threats in your servers or workstations. We accomplish this by using a combination of open source solutions, free public resources and our proprietary machine learning code.

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