Data Science for Cybersecurity

It is literally impossible for security teams to keep up with the onslaught of threats… not with legacy methods. Data Science is the answer.

We have world-class Data Scientists that are up on the latest ML and AI research and that have been cross-trained by our security experts. On the other hand, we have top-notch hackers that have been cross-trained by our Data Scientist to analyze data and write custom algorithms to solve security problems.

Our team is very unique.

This rare skill set allows our team to add value to security organizations in a way that few others can. The foundation for our models is not academic theories, but rather proven cybersecurity expertise that’s been honed in the trenches and paired with applied data science.

How can Machine Learning help government agencies?

Identity Analytics, Phishing, Security Monitoring, Zero Day, and Advanced Persistent Threats are some of the challenges we can help with. You can leverage some of our prebuilt tools or we can partner with you to address customized use cases.

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