The team here at Advoqt Technology Group are always on the lookout for relevant articles and blogs concerning cyber security. This month we have five articles summarized for you which we feel, as a group, tell and interesting and important story. The first is from IT News Africa and is an article by Simon Campbell-Young, the managing director of Credence Security. He describes the existing proliferation of cyber attacks and security breaches. He also recognizes that the attackers are getting more sophisticated and well organized. Data protection legislation is placing many legal requirements on companies collecting many types of data.

Mr. Campbell-Young predicts that in order to meet security needs and legal requirements companies will need to make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning disciplines. He explains the value of AI in recognizing security events, taking actions, and automating tasks that would previously have taken time from resources needed elsewhere. Couple with AI machine learning can be harnessed to predict future events and analyze the huge amounts of data needed to do so.

He also realizes that as attacks become more sophisticated companies will be deploying more customized security solutions. Different tools and more layers of security will be needed to keep ahead of the enemy.

For the full article: www.itnewsafrica.com

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