3 IT Infrastructure Red Flags Eating Your Profits

Dec 19, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

The information technology industry is changing at a rapid, and so is the role of today’s tech leader. IT executives need to be equal parts business chiefs and innovators in order to keep up with the digital transformation driving business growth. That is why being able to identify red flags eating the bottom line and addressing them quickly is vital to a company’s success. Failing to update software for a few years, relying on workarounds, and maintaining redundant applications is a costly feat. Here are the top 3 IT infrastructure red flags preventing your business from reaching the next level.

Application Redundancy

Companies large and small struggle with application redundancy. The rationale behind the maintenance of multiple applications with a similar purpose and overlapping functions is that each has one or two unique areas they support. It is the case with other businesses that their systems were once quite simple. Yet, rapid growth stemming from mergers and acquisitions has left them with 10 different “solutions” that are really one big problem. No matter the cause, the effect is the same. Maintaining redundant applications is a recipe for loss of profit. Redundant applications demand costly system interfaces and platforms to support them. They also lead to money wasted on software licenses and subscriptions that neither deliver new functionality to the business nor flawlessly communicate with other systems. If this red flag is identified in your company, it’s time to start simplifying.

Bandaids and Workarounds

Who doesn’t love a solid workaround? After all, human creativity is what drives us forward as a species. A hodgepodge of kludges, bandaids, and workarounds, however, does everything but. It cannot be denied that quick fixes solve immediate problems. The issue is they hurt the bottom line by creating increasingly fragile, convoluted systems that waste money and resources in the long run. All those customizations on your legacy system are eating away at your profit margins. To be frank, it is probably more expensive to keep these IT systems running than to upgrade completely. Bandaids do nothing to prevent cyberattacks nor do they support revenue-generating activities in the long term. Four words: get rid of them.

Obsolete Technology

We get it. Justifying the large upfront cost of a new infrastructure project can be difficult—especially for a small business. However, a recent Microsoft study concluded that more than 90% of consumers would rather take their business elsewhere than work with a company that uses outdated technology. The older the technology, the more painstaking it is to maintain. It is also much harder to connect with new systems and tools. It is no surprise why failing to let go of legacy technology can devastate your company’s bottom line.

If you’re still holding on to obsolete technology, consider the different ways it is impacting your cash flow, productivity, and security. Understanding the following is crucial. First, older software makes enterprises more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Second, when an outdated system is connected to a newer one, they don’t communicate properly which results in data loss and, in some cases, revenue loss. Third, when employees spend too much time with a faulty network connection, a clunky device or a slow platform, your technology is directly hurting daily finances and productivity. Business leaders interested in fostering efficient systems and improving collaboration need to take immediate action when this issue is flagged.

Needless to say, a poorly designed IT infrastructure is no longer an inconvenience. It can be devastating. Red flags can derail operations, expose sensitive information, and hinder the growth of your business. Security breaches resulting from weak infrastructure has even caused its fair share of bankruptcies. Advoqt Technology Group helps businesses innovate, transform, and lead by delivering the power of robotic process automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Contact us today to discover how you can strengthen your IT infrastructure!

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