Move from Unintelligent Data Collection to Actionable Insights

Make smarter and faster decisions with Advoqt’s Machine Learning solutions

Companies have tons of logs from different technologies but don’t know how to make sense of that data or get value from it. When you need to make predictions for the unknown and have mounds of data, but aren’t sure what to do with it, call Advoqt.

Advoqt’s Data Scientists can automate data modeling to create customized security dashboards and alerts for your organization. We collect and analyze log data, then create a baseline of normal behavioral patterns. Lastly, we compare it real-time with the user’s current behavior to identify threats before they escalate.

We not only follow your lead to find what you are looking for, but we also offer our cybersecurity expertise and world-class threat intelligence resources to tell you what else you can find in your data.