Machine Learning For Identity Governance

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Automated Access Recertification & Proactive Controls

Simplified Audits 

Advoqt’s Intelligent Access tool leverages Machine Learning to analyze entitlements and automatically identify users that are provisioned for rights they should not have. The tool can be deployed within a day as part of an auditing program and the analysis takes seconds. It can also be configured in-line as part of the user provisioning process to prevent errors.


• Audit and Detect anomalies on existing entitlements across the entire enterprise

• Process Automation for low-risk accesses and rights management



Personnel Changes

• Users who left the company and users in the domain are still active

• Users who were transferred to a different role, but old access remain


Excessive Privileges

• Vendors or third-party companies with admin rights

• A non-tech employee with admin rights

Advoqt Technology Group drives Digital Transformation for mid-sized businesses. Seasoned consultants, proprietary Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation technology, and a vetted ecosystem of niche partners allow us to deliver integrated solutions that give you a measurable competitive advantage.

The rapid growth of corporate apps both inside and outside of the firewall has further increased the complexity of Identity Governance & Administration (“IGA”). Many companies have hundreds or thousands of different access groups that are constantly evolving depending on roles and responsibilities or hierarchical changes within the organization. This leads to a significant number of users that have incorrect access privileges (often referred to as “entitlements”).

Advoqt’s Intelligent Access software leverages Machine Learning to analyze user credentials and automatically identify high-risk issues in a matter of seconds. Our software ingests data from multiple sources of authority, automatically determines the best algorithms to analyze that specific dataset, and proceeds to identify incorrect entitlements. Because the software uses machine learning as its core technology, it continuously trains itself and improves accuracy with every entitlement review.

Regulatory mandates such as Access Recertification aim to identify incorrect entitlements, yet these programs are not generally successful due to “rubber stamping” – and even when they are successful, they are time consuming and costly, which limits the value back to the organization.

Moreover, traditional IGA solutions help you detect static situations like users who left the company or admin accounts never used. However, our machine learning technology can identify access anomalies in real-time as well as risks that are that are difficult to identify using other tools. Intelligent Access integrates with LDAP (Linux and Windows), Sailpoint, Service Now, and can ingest any document in .csv format.

To learn more about how Advoqt can help you implement ML in your organization please visit our website at www.Advoqt.com or call (617) 600-8161.

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Machine Learning For Identity Governance

How can IT professionals balance business goals and information security?

When the time comes to make important IT decisions, no one is better versed than those we hired to do so. But in order to create effective cyber-security strategies, IT leaders need to be integrated into the decision-making process. However, it’s not enough to demand the attention. Being heard in the technology business requires proving you’re have good ideas and are worth listening to.


How Can We Show Our Worth?

We have to demonstrate how relevant we are, not only by having a stable security system, but by also highlighting the risks of security failures. We have a better opportunity to be considered in the decision making process if we prove that our roles and capabilities directly affect our organization's success.


Accept and Reduce the Risk

Organizations always face some kind of risk. Accepting it, however, will gives us a chance to mitigate it. Instead of denying it, we can take the necessary steps to avoid it or reduce the potential damage.


From Repairmen to Skilled Consultants

IT was a laborious process, it involved hours spent manually but automation has changed the game. Current technology allows IT teams to do a better job managing and protecting their data and networks and spend less time and effort doing so. Information security teams have a high level of performance, while computers can only handle small and repetitive tasks.

This leaves us with an IT team with the capacity to focus on better solutions and have a more purposeful position at the boardroom table.


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