Penetration Testing

Real-world Penetration Test made by certified white-hat hackers. Our team of experts will attempt to breach your security and thoroughly test the resiliency of your controls.

4 phases to assess your cybersecurity

advoqt penetration test


advoqt penetration test


advoqt penetration test

Access & Escalation

advoqt penetration test

Post Exploitation

Why do you need a Penetration Test?

Penetration Testing will assess the resilience of your company against a cyber-attack. Using our proven methodology, our skilled and knowledgeable experts will act as intruders in order to compromise your assets and then provide detailed guidance on how to fix your vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing, is a complete service that will enable the client to assess the resilience of its infrastructure against a cyber-attack. Using our proven methodology, our skilled and experienced testers will act as intruders in order to compromise your strategic business assets and assess its security posture.

Is your data safe?

Is your Data Safe?

Areas We Test

advoqt penetration test


advoqt penetration test


advoqt penetration test






How often should we get a Penetration Test?
Best practice is that you perform Penetration Testing at least once a year. This reveals new threats and emerging vulnerabilities that might be exploited by malicious hackers.
What are the deliverables from a Penetration Test engagement?
We provide customized finding reports including an executive summary without any technical jargon, detailed descriptions of each vulnerability in both business and technical terms, and detailed recommendations on how to fix things.
How much does it cost?
The cost for penetration testing varies greatly. A number of factors are used to determine pricing including size of the environment we are testing, scope of the project (external, internal, wireless, applications, etc), and the frequency of testing. A small company can expect a figure of around $20,000 while large firms often invest hundreds of thousands across their many systems.
What is the difference with a vulnerability assessment?
A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying threats and vulnerabilities on a target by using automated vulnerability scanners. This sometimes includes a range of manual testing with additional tools to further evaluate the security of applications or networks and to verify vulnerabilities discovered by the scanning applications. A pentest is often initiated by various scenarios which can include (but are not limited to) application launches, major network/application changes or updates, compliance regulations or a breach/leak from a targeted attack.

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