SOAR: Security Orchestration Automation & Response

Fight fire with fire. Cyber criminals today use automation as the basis for most attacks. Sure, someone may eventually touch a keyboard, but by then most of the work has already been done. That’s how hackers cause so much damage, that’s how they scale.

Advoqt’s Data Science experts level the playing field and give you the resources necessary to defend yourself from the tsunami of daily attacks.

Maximize the ROI of your previous investments.

Advoqt will optimize your existing SIEM environment according to best practices and then further enhance its functionality with our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

Advoqt has developed a comprehensive methodology for implementing SOAR programs that scale:

Phase I — Discovery & Analysis

Advoqt will analyze your existing SIEM, what data is being collected, and how that data is being utilized. We discover and inventory your assets including hardware, applications, and tools. We provide an initial set of recommendations and a roadmap for SOAR.

Phase II — KRI & Use Cases

We help you define Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators, which are represented via dashboards we build for you. We develop new data correlation use cases to increase the quality of security alerts. Strategy if further refined based on KRI.

Phase III — Strategy Implementation

Technical roll out of the plan including integration of security tools, dashboards, configuration of data models, data enrichment, and implementation of operational alerts.

Phase IV — Machine Learning

Apply proprietary machine learning algorithms for data classification and exploratory analysis, including cluster analysis, decision trees and PCA. Based on findings and business requirements, implement anomaly detection algorithms, clustering and automatic classification.

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